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Our HECM Saver calculator is free for use and will calculate estimated proceeds on the HECM Saver program. The reverse hecm saver calculation is based on the youngest borrower's age, current rates and home's value.

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HECM Saver Calculator - Results Explained:

Program Choices: You may choose either Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate options. Visit HECM-Saver Rates for more information.


Available Loan: This is the principle limit available to you based on your age, HUD lending limit, and current rates. We calculate your NET amount after all financed insurance and lender fees.


Mortgages or Liens: This amount will be used to payoff any exciting home loans or secured liens on the property. (1st TD, 2nd TD)


Up front Lump Sum: Any amount of money you would like to take as cash at closing. (Cash Advance)


Line of Credit: You may take your available funds as a line of credit that grows with your age (The growth is calculated based on your interest rate + 1.25% monthly insurance).


Monthly Income: Called the Tenure Payout (payments for life)


Combination: You may choose to receive your proceeds in a combination


Not enough money?... Use the Standard Reverse Mortgage Calculator to find out if you are eligible for more money with the HECM Standard program.